Safety And Health In Biomass Boiler Systems

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Safety guides have been produced for individuals that maintain and operate industrial or commercial biomass systems that utilize wood in chips or pellets form as well as designers and clients. Kent Biomass Boilers Installers, The Biomass Boilers company adhere strictly to these guidelines.

People involved in the construction, design, procurement as well as ongoing maintenance and operation relating to the biomass systems are required to share applicable information needed for the expansion of safe types of biomass boiler systems, These particular individuals have several legal responsibilities and are required to comply with such duties at all times. In addition, these individuals must have the right approach to up to date knowledge on safety and health practice and legislation. The employees that are employed in such positions must be able to perform the tasks required in a safe manner.


A client can either be an individual or organization who will instruct or undertake the construction or design work. Or the client will have work related to biomass boilers conducted on his or her behalf. These clients are held responsible for offering relevant as well as accurate advice to employees or designers involved in each stage of a project. This will mean that that person or persons that they employ for such a position will be required to be proficient to complete such tasks. When the client is an owner of a biomass boiler system, they are also responsible for the safety and health of the individuals who are hired to maintain and operate the installation.


In the Regulations it states that designers are always held responsible for a safe configuration and design for each individual component that makes up the entire biomass system. Designers are also required to eliminate and quickly identify hazards that may arise in the design process in order to offer a biomass system that will be function in the correct manner. Designers are required to give all information on how the system will operate and any relevant information on any residual risks.


These individuals will maintain and run this type of installation every day. These individuals are responsible for conducting maintenance and operation in manner that ensures their own safety as well as those around them. The concepts involved that govern safe operations and designs are unchanged regardless of the size of the project from small domestic installations all the way up to large power stations. These safety aspects are also relevant to conversions or refurbishment of an existing installation.

The Safe Operation Of A Biomass Boiler System

Biomass Boiler Health and Safety

The Boiler Operator

It is always required that an owner or user of a biomass boiler system should appoint or employ an individual who is adequately experienced and competent in regards to the daily operation of such a system. This means that a boiler operator must have the correct training in order to execute every duty that is expected in running such a system at each and every site. The training provided for running a biomass boiler system must enable a boiler operator to identify when his or her limits in expertise are reached, and when further assistance is required.

The duties pertaining to boiler operators will include the following:

•Applying the manufacturer’s recommendations in relation to starting up the system from cold as well as every aspect relating to maintenance, cleaning and operation and so on.

•Conducting the necessary functional tests related to controls and limiters before the system can be left unattended at every frequency in a specific manner. A record relating to these tests must always be kept up to date.

•Checking on the entire equipment associated with the burner.

•Taking appropriate action when an alarm goes off.

•Conducting the “routine” water treatment and water “quality” tests as well as recording these results. From the results the boiler operator must be able to make the necessary adjustments that have been established. In most cases this type of function will be contracted out to a specialized water-treatment specialist.

Maintenance Personnel

Every employed individual who performs the job of maintenance for biomass systems must be qualified with the correct training in order to conduct the expected duties. Maintenance employees must and only carry out their tasks in maintenance work whereby they have been deemed competent. The right training and maintenance services are either recommended or provided by the manufacturers of the biomass boiler system.