Insulated Roof Panels

Top Safety Benefits Of Insulated Roof Panels

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Insulated roof panels are made with two layers of metal that frame a layer of insulation material. This is an increasingly popular option for roofing since it is affordable and is one of the most efficient choices for insulation. There are also safety benefits associated with insulated roof panels.

Industry And Building Safety Codes

Because insulated roof panels are a fairly new material, you will find that all manufacturers offer products that meet a number of industry standards as well as building safety codes. This will make it easy to design and build a commercial structure that easily meets and even exceeds building safety codes. You can for instance easily meet the requirements for a LEED project certification by opting for insulated roof panels.

Fire Resistant

Insulated sheets are designed to be fire resistant. Older insulation materials can be a fire hazard. If it is time to replace old insulation, consider replacing your roof as well and choose insulated roof panels to make your home or place of business safer.

Water Resistant

Insulated roof panels are attached with a hidden fastener. This creates an airtight envelope that does not let water or moisture inside. As a result, you won’t have to worry about humidity problems that can lead to mold, mildew or bacteria growing inside of your home or commercial building. Humidity problems like mold, mildew or bacteria growth can be costly to fix without mentioning the fact that they can represent a health hazard.

Protection From Roof Damage

Compared to tiles or shingles, insulated roof panels are a much safer option. These panels are made from metal and are safely attached to the roof. You won’t have to worry about any kind of damages to your roof, even if you live in an area with high precipitations, frequent snowfall, freezing temperatures or hurricanes.

Indoor Air Quality

By providing you with an airtight envelope, insulated roof panels help limit airflow between the inside and the outside. This allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature as well as a high-quality indoor air. This is especially important if allergens or pollutants are an issue in the area where you live.

Environmental Protection

If you want to reduce your environmental footprint, insulated roof panels are an excellent option. First of all, this type of roofing material protects you from thermal bridging. This means there won’t be any air escaping or entering your home between the panels. You will be able to easily maintain a comfortable temperature without needing to let your heating or AC system run constantly. Secondly, insulated roof panels are often made with recycled materials and are very easy to recycle if you ever decide to remove them.

Insulated roof panels are one of the safest options for roofing materials. The layer of insulation helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside of your home or place of business while making your building more energy-efficient. The layers of metal are fire resistant and will protect your roof from damages.