Health And Safety While At Work

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Keeping the office safe means more then just hiring a janitor to clean up after the usual messes employees leave behind. It also means instilling good hygiene practices, and keeping them up yourself. They’re many ways diseases can be transmitted from employee to employee. This is especially true if you’re working in a clinic environment. Accidents are common among construction work, but many of them are perfectly avoidable as well.

Explain The Importance Of Washing Hands

It’s impossible to know whether or not your restaurant employees are really washing their hands. Well, you could put a camera in the bathroom, and monitor them all the time. This is time consuming, and just plain boring. Instead, try to educate them as to why it’s important to wash their hands. There’s the old story about Typhoid Marry. She cooked for dozens of employees across america. Every family she cooked for got sick, and many died. This all could have been avoided if she would have washed her hands. Typhoid fever, along with many other diseases, is transmitted through fecal matter.

It’s also important that you educate your employees on the right way to wash their hands. This can be done by setting a minimum time frame for their hands to be underwater. Water is extremely potent at removing bacteria. Of course, soap helps!

Office Romance: Mono

Office romance may seem like a fun adventure to pass the time. It’s very easy to mess this up with all the sexual harassment laws set up by our nation. This may not be enough of an incentive to keep your employees chase. If there’s kissing in the office, the chance that a disease is being spread is heavily increased. You may not be able to fully prevent human nature, but you can make sure all your employees have gotten their mono vaccines. Mono can be deadly, and it’s spread through saliva.

The fact that Mono is spread through saliva also makes it dangerous for construction workers. They sometimes share drinks, or the same source of water. It’s important that they understand the risk of doing so. Mono is not just a kissing disease. You should highly recommend vaccination to all your employees, no matter what environment they’re working in.

Construction Accidents

Accidents happen on construction jobs all the time. Sometimes, the cause of them isn’t clear. Usually, it’s because the person responsible did not receive enough training. If someone gets into an accident, injures themselves, or someone else, you should always make sure they’re fully aware of what they were supposed to do in that situation. This may mean having a higher level employee show them the ropes.

Drugs can become an issue on a construction site. Of course, most of your employees do not use recreational drugs of any kid. There’s always that one guy that’ll put everyone at risk. The key to keeping your employees drug free isn’t by testing them when before they’re hired. They are likely to abstain from drugs at this time because it’s obvious that they’ll be tested. Instead, you should have pop drug tests for your employees. Every six months, or so, you should do it randomly. If you have to send an employee to a lab to have the sample tested, make a due date for the results.

Clinic Safety

Working in a clinic can be one of the riskiest environments. Many patients come in with unknown diseases. It’s almost impossible to tell whether someone is contagious at first glance. The best way to prevent contamination is by keeping the clinic sterile. Always make sure you hire a professional clean up crew, and dispose of anything that’s used, or dirty.

Check the patient’s temperature right away. Many diseases that are contagious come with heaver. Do not panic if you discover that your patient has a communicable disease. Many health care providers build up a better immunity to such diseases then the general public.

Stay Safe

As you can see, staying safe has a lot to do with hygiene. It’s also about taking the precautions you need to take. Make sure you’re staying safe, and protect the safety of those who work under you!