Reclaimed Building Material Supplies

Locating Second-Hand Building Materials

As they say, one person’s loss is another’s gain. As an old building is dismantled in the demolition process, construction gems may be sold off to a salvage or junk yard for resale. That’s where your opportunity to find fine second-hand building materials arises.

The first tactic is to find all the salvage, demolition, and second-hand building material shops in your area. What this will do is open doors to sources for second-hand materials that you never would have known existed.

Start locally if you are on a budget and the items you have on your wish list are particularly heavy. Though second-hand might sound like an economically favorable deal, it’s not always going to mean that it is a low-cost option. You may find the most intricately carved wood mantel for your fireplace that resembles the one in your Victorian parlor. It might be three-thousand miles away and have to be specially packaged and couriered to your door. If that’s what it takes to get your hands on that piece for your painstakingly accurate work to restore your old home, then the price tag usually is on the bottom of the priority list.

Expand Your Options
If you are looking for either a particular item or style or are simply wanting to expand your options consider getting in touch with salvage yards throughout the nation. If you are in the market for specific items, such as a fine opulent crystal chandelier, or reclaimed barn wood, make your online searches specific.

The reason is simple. There are many websites that cater to very specific niches of second-hand building materials. Find out if anyone has the old Chicago brick or Milwaukee milk brick that you want. Or, check out sites that sell brick tiles, which are styled and fashioned from bricks, but in slivers of the original material.

Get On Mailing Lists
They may be able to provide updated lists of what reclaimed materials will be coming in in the near future. So, you may be able to get on several email lists to get the first notice of new materials that you want.

In addition, establish communication with all of the companies that you can to get yourself on their radar. After all, they want to make sales. If they are aware that you are a customer who would like to find a particular item, they are more likely to keep their eyes open for your items.

They may also be able to steer you in the right direction if they never carry or receive what you are looking for. While some may not be helpful, it’s best to cast your net wide and see who is willing and able to help you find what you want.

That’s the best way to go. And, it will yield many stories when your space is put together, and the restoration complete. All of the process will be a part of the story of how you took that old upstairs and restored it.